We're back for 2024! Thank you to all who made Cookies by Cella successful!

You are at THE best big cookie place! I sell at local Farmers Markets and also do special orders. My cookies weigh almost 6 ounces each with buttery deliciousness! My favorite cookies are the chocolate chip cayenne, which has a hint of warmth, and the lemon coconut cookie. It's perfect for when you want a touch of pucker and sweetness in the same bite.

Options also include the OG chocolate chip, butterscotch, white chocolate chip and macadamia nut, coconut and macadamia nut, lime and coconut with a hint of sea salt, and Key Lime and coconut with a hint of sea salt for the summer flavors. Fall flavors include chocolate chip and Montmorency cherries, peanut butter cookies with (or without) a Reese's cup inside, a Traverse City cookie with apples, cherries, and pecans, a chai latte cookie, and oatmeal raisin. But wait, there's more! Apple and cinnamon, red velvet with a dollop of cream cheese, pumpkin spice with cream cheese, for the bravest of souls, a maple syrup infused with fresh garlic in a chocolate chip cookie!

For large orders, please contact me for pricing. They are not gluten or sugar free, but I'm working on it!